On Time Dashboard Different in Assembly

I am trying to figure out why the On Time Delivery Dashboard (provided here: On time delivery report - #13 by Vinaykamboj Thanks for this!) is acting differently when it is assembled versus when it is in runtime/developer mode.

The issue occurs with the search tracker and refreshing. In Runtime, it works correctly. When I only enter 2020 in the year field, I get all of 2020 shipment results. (notice only 8 months in the chart)

When I put 2020 in the year field in the ‘assembled’ version, it pulls all shipments (regardless of the year).

As a note, I am using the ‘Test Application’ button before actually deploying the dashboard.

Is there a reason why the tracker is not working right in the assembled version. Does it have to do with refreshing?

Is anyone aware of what could cause differences in the assembly vs. runtime version of the dashboard?