One invoice per packing slip, but multiple pack slips per day (therefore multiple invoices per day)

I have a customer that ships to a customer multiple times per day, with multiple sales orders on a single pack slip. What they would LIKE is to generate a single invoice to match with each pack slip.

The options available via checkbox don’t seem to include this particular feature.

“Consolidate Sales Orders” pulls together every pack slip “gotten” within the invoice group (and automatically enables Combine Packing Slips)
“Combine Packing Slips” does the same (and has other Fiscal Year features)
“Consolidate Shipment Lines” works on parts, orders, and pack slips.

So they want Pack Slip 1, with orders 3,4, and 7 on it, to be invoiced on Invoice X… while Pack Slip 2 (shipped on the same day) with orders 5, 10, and 12 on it to be invoiced on Invoice Y.

Will this require custom programming?

@Ernie I think this is no checkboxes and the default behavior. I just did 5 pack outs for the same customer and same sales order and got 5 invoices.


Yes… but in this instance there are multiple sales orders on a single pack slip. Pack Slip 1 has 2 separate sales orders, and Pack Slip 2 has 2 more separate sales orders. With any combination of checkboxes (or no checkboxes) selected, I get either 4 invoices (one per sales order) or 1 invoice (with everything combined). The goal is to get 2 invoices (one per pack slip).

What I need to do is Consolidate Sales Orders but NOT Combine Packing Slips… I think. I’m testing in 2022.1, and when I select the Consolidate Sales Orders checkbox the Combine Packing Slips checkbox is also selected and grayed out so I can’t unselect JUST that one.

@Ernie I guess I assumed all of these years that a pack was going to match to an invoice.

This is what “Consolidate Sales Orders is supposed to do”.
The field help says "Determines whether or not shipments to this customer for different sales orders within the same fiscal period wil be consolidated into one invoice. "
Maybe it is not working.
Did you try with only this check box selected.