One time/One Off Supplier

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone have any idea on how to achieve a one time/one off supplier functionality, or are there any specific function for that?

Ideally, I’m thinking if we can approve a supplier for one-time purchase, which after a PO is created, the approved button will be unchecked.

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Suggest to create a Cash Supplier, I believe most of these purchases are of cash type.
However, you cannot claim Input VAT/Tax for such supplier (if you have Tax applicable).


Thanks for your input Rakesh!
It seems like user wanted to track their one-time-supplier as well, so creating a general supplier ID isn’t suitable for them (if my understanding is correct).

I’m exploring a method to add a UD checkbox in vendor table to flag one-time supplier.
After that, I will build a BPM to set vendor.approved = false if the UD checkbox = true.
However, I can’t seem to be able to set field for vendor table in PO business Object as the vendor table isn’t listed.

I’m wondering if there are other method to perform the update?