Only one widget allowed after 2nd condition in an event?

I am working on an event that has a couple of condition statements. I have never had an issue with placing as many widgets as I needed on a conditions true/false path. Now I am needing to add a second condition after a previous true statement. For some reason I can add all the widgets I want to the second condition but after I save they are gone except for one. This also happened with a switch widget. Am I missing something? Has anyone else had this issue?


Looks like typical, buggy App Studio behavior.

Theorizing here… maybe it’s removing them because you did not fill those widgets out with any info? Try setting some messages in those and see if it sticks?

Just tried it the way you showed yours and mine works. What version are you on?

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Just tested by adding content to the message handlers but same result. :cry:


Try a different browser?

Tried edge, chrome and the client no luck. We even rebooted our server. You are on 2021.2.10?

That’s live.
I’m testing on 2022.1.5

Strange indeed. How many widgets did you put to the right of your 2nd condition?

I made it exactly like yours.

Does it matter what you put in the Expression for the condition. Can I just put true for testing purposes?

I just put 1=1.

Ok. Must be something on my end. Thanks for checking.

Got another question. When you replicated my problem did you branch off the true/false or did you drag the widget on the screen and then connect them? The reason why I ask is because I thought It was working for me until I realized I had just connected the condition with the erp-message-handler manually.

No. Never drag from a True/False node.

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Still have not figured out what’s going on but in the mean time sense I can only have one item after the 2nd condition I can create another event with however many widgets I need and use event-next after the condition.

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