Only Return Active Customer Contacts

I have experimented with some Method Directives, but have been unable to solve the following.

In Customer Maintenance, when I select a customer, it automatically returns the Customer Contacts in the tree view. I would like to have the system only return Customer Contacts that are NOT marked as inactive. For many companies we have a lot of contacts and it can be difficult to sort through when many of them are currently inactive.

The method this is using to return the contacts is the CustCnt.GetRows, which is called after selecting the Customer in Customer Maintenance with following Parameters:

whereClauseCustCnt System.String
whereClauseCustCntAttch System.String
pageSize System.Int32
absolutePage System.Int32
morePages System.Boolean

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!

Here is what worked for me:
On the method you specified CustCnt.GetRows as Pre-Processing
I used the Set Argument widget, select the ‘whereClauseCustCnt’ and set the Expression to:

"Inactive = false AND " + whereClauseCustCnt

(look out! Epicor tries to remove that trailing space after AND)
You may also want to exclude No Contact contacts as well:

"Inactive = false AND NoContact = false AND " + whereClauseCustCnt

Let me know if that works or not for you.


This worked perfectly! Thanks for the quick reply!!

BTW - If you use a Show Message widget and then select the whereClauseCustCnt you can see what values are in the whereClauseCustCnt.
Then if you need to you could construct your own whereCaluse (always include CustNum!!!) and change the sort by or other things.