Open PO - Add Buyer Filter

Hello, I hope this is the right place to post this.

I want to know how to add filters inside Kinetic. I would like to have a filter for a “buyer” so when you run the Open PO report, you get only the Open SO data from that buyer.

Could I get assistance with this or pointed to valuable resources? Thank-you.
(The image below is just a mock up of what I’d like)

I think your easiest option is to create a simple dashboard showing you this information, however, if you must a have a PDF, create a BAQ report

Yes, I am looking to export this data into an SSRS report and display as a PDF. I did realize that I would have to make a BAQ report but I do not know how to make a buyer field and make sure it displays only information linked to a specific person.

The buyer is stored on the PO Header table, this can be linked with the PurAgent table which holds the buyers names

This is using the program BAQ Report Supplier right?

I use the filter to find Open PO and I see retail open PO and supplier open PO.

I can’t tell which is the correct one.

Selecting one gives me where I build one. I see report filers. I click on the + sign to make a new filter. However when I click inside the box it has a vanilla color to it and won’t let me input data.

If I can’t get the BAQ to work then;

How do I get a parameter to work when you select Print Preview, that a box pops up, asking for a buyer and I set it to Jack Daniel and it gives me all of Jack’s open PO’s? The report doesn’t allow parameters to be exported with it in the report and a separate file like a .csv also does not work with Kinetic, or so I have tried and followed guides. This is how our Crystal report works, a parameter. How do we do this in Kinetic with SSRS?