Open With PO Entry From Custom Dashboard

Good morning,
I have a dashboard built from a BAQ that shows only the POs that have been approved, but not yet confirmed. When the user right clicks on the PO number from the grid, they can open with PO Entry. The form opens and loads the PO just as expected. If they leave PO Entry open and click on another PO number from the custom dashboard, they can see the PO number change on PO Entry, but when clicking back on PO Entry, the old PO reloads or refreshes itself. I thought this functionality would just work without any extra effort from me. But I am clearly missing something.

How can I get the PO Entry window to load the PO number that I click on in my custom dashboard, and then refresh PO entry when I choose a new PO number from my dashboard?

Barring that, is there a way I could load all the POs returned from a BAQ into the search/navigation bar in PO Entry? Maybe a quick search or something. I am not sure how to get a list of POs into this bar using customization code. This might make my dashboard obsolete, but I am fine with that!

Thanks for your time!

The only way I’ve gotten this type of behavior to work is by creating a Kinetic Only version of the target menu item, then pointing the context menu to that new menu item.
e.g., create a new PO Entry menu item called UDPOEntr, go to Conext Menu Maintenance and choose POHead.PONum, set ProcessID of PO Entry to UDPOEntr

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