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Can anyone tell me how to add a menu to the Open With function in a way that it can be seen by all users? I want to add a dashboard with Part.PartNum as the key. I tried to add this in the context menu maintenance screen but am having trouble deploying it to all users.


Yeah this one is non-intuitive;
On the context menu maintenance for that ‚Äúlike‚ÄĚ field, select the ‚ÄúCustomization Mode‚ÄĚ checkbox at the top right area of the tool bar. Save the menu and it will clear the form and then it should be available to all uses
From the help:

Make the Context Menu Available to All Users
Navigate to this sheet/program:
Context Menu Maintenance > Context Menu
Select the Customization Mode check box, located in the toolbar area, to make the context menu available to all users.
After the check box is selected, the context menu data is saved, then the display is cleared.
You can then click Context Menu ID to view a list of all context menus with a status of Base and Customize.


Hi Aaron,

Of course…the little checkbox in the corner. So I did this and it worked for all users other than me. Kind of strange behavior. Do you know if I also have to add this menu as a personalize (rather than a customize) for me to see it? I tried the normal clear cache and restart to pick up the change.

Thanks for the help

Hi Aaron,

I figured out what I was doing wrong. Once I added the dashboard in Customization Mode I have to delete the context Menu personalization, then it picked up the customization.

Thanks again for the help.