Open4 - recommendation

We implemented Open4 in September.
We set it so each employee can log on, see their own information.
Department heads see themselves and all of their employees.

We find it VERY USEFUL.

A few screens we created:
Employees to do their own reviews
Supervisors to do employee reviews
Supervisors to enter comments for:
Awards, positive notes, warnings, discipline actions
Each employee can look at their benefits, current pay rate, reviews,
comments, warnings, etc.
They can see the history of changes in these areas (we entered some
historical information).

It is true that detail of every pay check is NOT incorporated. That
could be a great addition.

Over all it has streamlined our review process and we are very pleased
with the reduction of paper work.


Babette Welch
IT Director
Argonics, Inc
1110 Wright Street
Marquette MI 49855
906.226.9747 ext 235

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