OpenEdge Server Pool Control Memory Use exceeding 500gb

Hey guys,

I am experiencing some issues where my physical memory rises up all the way to 99% and basically locks up the server and Epicor. Not sure why this just started happening, but I have noticed that the server pools memory use all exceed 500gb. I believe I was told that anytime time a process exceeds 500gb, something is wrong and something needs to be fixed. I have called and created a case with Epicor and they are unhelpful to say the least.

I am running Epicor 9.05.702, SQL, 64bit and Server 2008 R2.

It has always ran pretty well until the last couple of months and I can’t figure it out. I can really use the help.


No feeback from anyone who knows what might be my issue? Not sure if it is a Windows issue or an OpenEdge issue. I am leaning towards an OE issue. I just don’t know if it is possible to tweak OE to handle the load better. I currently have 32 CPUs, with 32gb of RAM. Granted, I know I can use more RAM, but it ran fine with that setup just a couple of months ago.

Please let me know if you have any questions that might help. I know I am speaking in generals, but I don’t want to get too deep until someone with knowledge wants the details.

I noiticed on my server is we have a locked log file that some ran a report or bad baq and we find the locked app server and kill it via the open management tool. And most times that fixes our memory usage.

Yes, I am consistently in the Management Tool clearing out old processes that are done and still have a process running, but that usually only clears up a 1% or 2% of the usage. Are all your Server Pool processes running higher than 500gb in the main Epicor app?

Doc1.docx (69.9 KB)

now that you mention it I think mine are.