Opening System Monitor Issue hangs my E10

Just wondering if anyone has come across an issue where you try to open up system monitor from the tray icon nothing happens and if you hover your mouse over the E10 desktop you just get the cursor spinning.

When I look at task manager Is shows.

I’ve never seen this before. I tested on the server and the first time System Monitor opened, but now I get the same issue on the server as I do on my PC.

Any suggestions appreciated.

It would possibly depend on the number of tasks that you are returning (history probably).

Hmmm only 18 tasks in ice.systask

Ice.systasklog is a different story…126029 records Yikes!

Are they all related?

Problem fixed. A nice post found on Epicare here (Epicare Login required)

Thanks for suggestion @Jason_Woods

A bit more history. I had a heap of errors when doing an AR Open load. Must have filled the SysTaskLog up just a bit too much.