OpenLink ODBC Driver for Progress 9.1D

Has any one had success using OpenLink's ODBC driver for Progress 9.1D?

We are currently on Vantage 6.1 and using Crystal Reports XI extensively. That works with the MERANT ODBC driver, but we were hoping to start using Crystal Reports XI Server and that does not work with the MERANT driver (doesn't seem to pass through database credentials).

OpenLink seemed to be a good alternative, but it's been a bear to try to configure correctly. I am currently at the point where I've configured the OpenLink Single Tier ODBC connection with database options of "-N TCP -H 192.168.x.x -S 6100 -ld MFGSYS", and when I supply the username of "sysprogress" with the associated password and test the connection, I get the message "[OpenLink][ODBC]Unable to allocate server handle".

Anybody have any OpenLink tips for me?


Andy Moss