OpenOrders With Parts and Earliest Due Date

Hello i have made a baq off all open orders we have with the parts,qty and the customer its going to I want to now some how pull in a column with a date for the earliest expected arrival of the goods coming to us from the supplier from our containerhead any thoughts ?

@pompe4040 PartDtl has all of the demand (sales orders) and supply (POs) in it. I used the baq from the thread below to get a running summary by date. That approach will also work for this.

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Depending on the modules you have licensed there is a dashboard called Projected Sales Order shortages that will show you this information. Located in Sales Management \ Order Management \ General Operations.

It uses the following system queries

This sample order below has line #2 that is going to be late

Hello everyone thanks for this I think i have got it working in BAQ form I have then converted it into an SSRS report and pulled in the columns etc but everytime I print preview it just shows the header names and not the values from the BAQ