Operation Cannot Be Deleted?

Nobody in our organization understands how to get past this error. We used to be able to delete outside service operations when we decided to pick in house rather than send them out. Now sometimes when we try to delete an operation we get this error.

What is Move WIP or AdjustWIP program? Are those fix programs?

Have you had any labor or material transactions performed against this job operation? We don’t do much with WIP, but it looks like there’s some outstanding parts that were produced and never moved to the next operation or to stock.

This is how is works in E10, so YMMV in E9, but…

What that is telling you is that when the last operation got completed for a part that is going into the assembly with the operation you are trying to delete, the part moved from the assembly that was finished, and now the wip is at the operation that you are trying to delete. Think of operations locations. If you add another operation, you can do a wip move from the operation you are trying to delete to another operation, and you should be able to delete the operation in question.

Okay so we made a new operation and then will use the Move WIP screen to move that already completed quantity to the new operation. Then hopefully be able to delete the original operation we wanted to remove.

For those interested, the Move WIP screen is in Material Management > Advanced Material Mgmt > General Operations > Move WIP

Also interesting that in the error message Epicor calls them “programs” while all the terminology I’ve ever used with Epicor is “screen”.