Operation Inspection

I need to use inspection processing during a production operation to inspect manufactured parts. I have an inspection plan and specification attached to the operation already. How do I make the parts appear for inspection inside of inspection processing? I want this to happen automatically without Non-conforming all of the parts.

It does not appear in Inspection Processing. You need to use the Inspection Results Entry screen.

Is there a way to record who inspected the parts with this method?

This doesn’t really work. When you mark a part for inspection and set up an inspection plan, certain transactions trigger the need for the inspection. Like on the MES screen when you End Activity and enter a completed Qty the system will call for an inspection. IF you have a configurator-based inspection, you can do it right then and there, if not, the completed Qty will appear in the Inspection Queue (If i recall all the processes correctly).

You can set that up yourself in the Inspection Plan. I added a field to automatically capture the UserID that was doing the inspection.