Opportunity/Quote Entry

So I am wondering, if you duplicate an old quote, which pulls in operations and everything into the mfg details, is there a way to change the operation numbers without deleting them and adding new? Or is there a way to copy an operation. I am looking to change my operation numbers to a standardized set of numbers so they are always the same, but old/already entered orders are giving me trouble because there is already operations in the quote. It works well when I get a new part because I am making my own operations. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Emily,

You should be able to right-click on Operations in the tree and select Resequence Operations in Quote Entry > Line > Manufacturing > Details >Quote Details. That will resequence the ops by 10s (10, 20, 30, etc.)

Is there a way to just edit the operation number to change it to what i want because the normal spot to change the operation numgber is greyed out when there is operations already made in the quote?

Are you looking to reorder the operations such as changing the current operation 20 to be Operation 10 and the current operation 10 to be operation 20?

No, I currently have 10, 20, 30, 40 but want the numbers to just change to 10, 30, 65, and 70. I am trying to make sequential operations that never change their number so for instance, “qualtity control” is always operation 65. I’m good when I have to make a new quote because I am adding the operations myself. I’m only having issues with already prepared quotes that I have to reopen and try to change. I cannot change an operation number without just making new operations and copy and pasting all the information from the comments.

Ah, I don’t know of a way to do that other than possibly by creating a BPM.

I would warn against putting too much logic in the sequence number like this. What is the sequence telling you that the opcode/description isn’t?

I’ve seen people go down this route before, and it ends up backing you into a corner that’s difficult to unravel. You’ll also discover more and more scenarios where changes to the sequence will be outside of your control.