Optimizing Epicor overall speed

Hello All,

Getting very close to actually going live, and like with any migration from 1 application to another, there will be some hesitance and push back, i am trying to lower it. Our current ERP is a Microsoft Access front end application tying into SQL so its pretty quick, a light weight app but it is horrible, quick but horrible.

I wanted some options on what I could do to improve performance on Epicor as I am noticing some things I don’t have in my web.config file, are there any tweaks I should be making to improve overall performance of Logging in, opening Jobs, Orders, Projects, it just takes about 10 or 20 seconds per window, I don’t want push back on that alone.

Have each user go to the Tools/options in the forms they use most open and check the memory cache checkbox. Usually about 6 - 8 forms per user and the screens will open immediately


Thanks bud, I do have that enabled already, just looking for any other tweaks that could push it a little more. Kind surprised I have not seen a thread like this already, I feel like it could be beneficial for us all.

Have you reviewed the Performance Tuning Technical Reference Guide?
That is usually the best place to start. In it there is a Performance & Diagnostic Tool that will check your Server’s configuration and provide recommendations.
Aside from that it will be dependent on your environment specs and database config.
When backed up how big is your DB?
What are your Server Specs and how much memory have you assigned to SQL?

well, I feel stupid, I didn’t know there was a Performance Tuning Technical Reference Guide, where would I find that?

There are dozens of Technical Reference Guides on EpicWeb, which you will need a login. If you do not already have it, just open a Ticket on EpicCare and request it:

Documentation (epicor.com)

Here is a KB article on other resources as well:
Knowledge Page - EpicCare (service-now.com)

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thanks, I will look through that now and I do have an EpicWeb account, thats a great start, thank you so much.

Thank you for the information, I did everything and addressed all warnings and 2 errors, but still it is dog slow. Do you do any registry, system or IIS optimizations?

SQL Enterprise w/ AlwaysOn, max out your cores, virtualization, seperate SQL on Hyper Disks.


Ok, thank you, just trying to figure out ways to get extra performance with what we already had.