Options for expanding the erp.customer.Name field

Kinetic limits the customer.name field to 50 characters. This arbitrary limit is causing issues in our ability to track our customers properly. We deal with many international customers and suppliers, so there may be long names. We need these names to accurately match what’s in our CRM system which is the start of our customer add process. we need the field to be 100 characters at a minimum today, but realistically I don’t see any reason why a string field could not be more.

Is there a supported way, such as extended properties, to expand the width of this field? Has anyone done it?

The SQL limit is the SQL limit nothing in the framework can save you from that. You’re best bet would be to create a UD field called NameExtended_c or something to that effect and store your full name in there. Then sync it to the native name field truncated to 50 through a Data Directive. Slowly you could replace Name with NameExtended_c in reports and screens, but keep on rolling for now. It will show in grids by default too so while you would have to change column order on grids to get it moved to the front, you wouldn’t have to worry about adding the field or anything like that.

Also consider submitting an idea to extend the column name to 100 character or something like that.