Order Entry Close after Partial release

Hi Experts,

SO has been closed since orders just been delivered partially. Please advice, how should I fix this.


You can reopen the order and release. One reason this happened is when shipping the release the shipper marked the order as complete and that closed the order.

Vinay Kamboj

Hi Mr Vinay,

You mean marked Shipped complete? How if it only happen to certain orders.


That is the trigger for the Sales Release to close when the shipment is marked as Shipped. It automatically completes if the shipment is for the release balance but it can be checked manually.

It means they are only sometimes (likely erroneously) clicking shipped complete. It’s a training issue or communication issue.

Yes, that is what I meant. And as others have mentioned it might be happening in error or lack of understanding how this field is to be used.

Vinay Kamboj