Order Entry "Confirm" box database field?

I’d like to write a query based on sales orders that have this “Confirm” box displayed. I’ve noticed that sales orders that have been shipped but not printed also have this “Confirm” box showing. Does anyone know if there’s a database field behind this box that I can write a query against?
Thanks, Sharla

I think this field is associated to “ReprintSOAck” on OrderHed.


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Thanks @Fernando. I was thinking it was the opposite. I thought the green “Confirm” button meant the user already printed/viewed the SOA. I see now with some further testing that’s not the case. Thanks for your help on this one!

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does anyone know how to get the date and time of this print for the first time?
Need to make a custom field into OrderHed_UD table and compile a BPM that fixes (ie saves) the current date and time there?

And what Epicor method should be checked (used) ?

yes you can add extra field in OrderHed_UD and then use BPM or Customisation to capture when it is print first time, (you probably need to know coding. )

maybe another way (probably easier? ) you could also add BPM change log to log the changes to field Orderhed.ReprintSOAck so it will capture the person and when the data is changed.