Order Entry header tax

Hi Expert,

My Scenario: Order entry (header > Tax) supposed to capture tax from Product Group. But for this case, tax captured from Customer > ShipTo.

How do I check if this part is controlled by Product or Customer?

How have you configured Epicor to calculate tax? Are you using standard tax engine or Avalara?

Typically sales tax is calculated using the shipping address and tax category assigned to the product.

Hi Bryan,
Using standard tax engine.

For this scenario,
Shipping and Billing tax using tax SST
Part and Product type using tax NA

Therefore, in Order Entry > Header picking up SST instead of NA.

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The header won’t have any product group. That’s only on lines. There shouldn’t be any “header tax” unless there a Misc Header Charge.

Or do you mean the tax shown on the summary page?

Hi Calvin,

Please refer to the Header > Tax

That should be a total of taxes from the Order Lines.

Here’s a sample Header\Tax sheet

That $630.96 comes from the Order Lines:

Thanks issue has been resolved.