Order Entry :|: Override Price List

On the Order Entry Detail there is a field named OverridePricelist and BreakListCoce. I have created a BPM that set these two values based on Quantity per line. The values are set and display on the form correctly, however, it does not recalculate the line based on the new price list. I have put this BPM in different methods such as MasterUpdate, Update, PriceChangingSellingQuantity quantity etc… What elements are need to for the recalculation of the line ? or how can I force the line to be recalculated ? Examples please…

What are you trying to achieve as the recalculated price happens automatically when the qty is changed if there is a discount set for varying quantities on the price list

I’m trying to apply a discount based on the Quantity. However, the ChangeSellingQtyMaster Method does not have the NEW Quantity in the Pre-Processing Directive,neither the base or post. By the time you get to the update method the quantity has changed to the new quantity value. What ChangeSellingQtyMaster does have is the old values for both Quantity and SellingQuantity. In addition to that, the logic that apples the discount is in Method SalesOrder.ChangePriceList which DOES NEVER gets call in the Order Summary Form when adding or updating a row. Therefore, can someone please explain how to apply a discount based on a price List - BreakListCode and quantity?.

have you tried to invoke this method and pass the new Quantity and SellingQuantity ?

Mr, Baeisa. yes I have tried that and PRE ChangeSellingQtyMaster does ONLY have old values for Quantity and sellingquantity and not what you have just typed on the screen. BUT what it makes this more INSANE is that in the POST ChangeSellingQtyMaster these values have been updated to what it’s on the screen. Therefore, it’s like something else is happening and if I apply the logic the POST POSTChangeSellingQtyMaster the line does NOT recalculate. And that is the tricky part about all of this. I can apply the Logic in the POST POST ChangeSellingQtyMaster where the new values from the screen are there. But it wont force to recalculate the line. And there is more to all of these. you can’t use the pre or Base ChangeSellingQtyMaster because it does not have the newest quantities.

may be the Form need refreshing to see the new values, also if [ChangeSellingQtyMaster] is you target method, try to use the after form field change event to call this method, then refresh the form (oTran)

The form refreshes fine. and I can even force the refresh but if I change the “BreakListCode” in the POST ChangeSellingQtyMaster whatever epicor does in the “BLACK BOX” would not apply the discount and that is the problem. This logic MUST be in the PRE ChangeSellingQtyMaster but it has the OLD Values for the quanties. From where is Epicor getting the New Quantity that gets the the POST ChangeSellingQtyMaster ? This is INSANE…

could you record screen, or print screen the trace log, just want to see what Epicor is doing when you change those field values