Order report routing

Is there a way to change the email address that the Order Acknowledgment forms get sent out from without creating a breaking/routing rule?

You can do it through code on UI. Very clunky and not efficient. You can also manually type an email address when printing a report. Just click send as email.

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Hi @ypgpatel ,
you can do a Method directive Post processing BPM as below and Set Field your email address

When I click the email button, this is the dialog box that pops up. I do not see a blank for me to enter the sender email address, only the recipient. Am I looking at the same thing you are talking about?


Does the design of the BPM only need to include a set field? What table field would need to be used for this specific action from below?

Where in Epicor is the default sender email defined to maybe be able to change manually? Or would that change for all forms and no specific section just for orders?

Oh, I am sorry. I thought we can get access to the email From in ds, it’s getting defaulted from the company config setup. you can give a try by customising Ice.Lib.Report.SSRSPrinterForm

Do you have any suggestions on how to customize the Ice.Lib.Report.SSRSPrinterForm? Also, is the default email from the field: Company Maintenance β†’ Email and Reporting β†’ Global Alert From β†’ Email Address? or elsewhere?