OrderDtl ChangePartNumMaster


I’ve ran a trace on adding a standard part and this pulls in a price per and price from a price list.
The only call is to “ChangePartNumMaster”.
I have replicated this in a function but the “price” and “price per” (and “PriceList”) fields are not getting pulled in. All other fields look OK.

Code is

num = OrderEntryTS.OrderDtl.Count;
SO.GetNewOrderDtl (ref OrderEntryTS, OrderNum);
OrderEntryTS.OrderDtl[num].PartNum = MyPartNum;
SO.ChangePartNumMaster (ref MyPartNum, ref MyBool,ref MyBool,ref sBlankString,Guid.NewGuid(),"" ,false, false, false, true, true, true,out mymsg,out mymsg,out mymsg,out MyBool,out MyBool,out mymsg,out mymsg,out mymsg,out mymsg,out MyBool,out MyBool,ref  OrderEntryTS);

then a master update.
Anyone else experienced this or worked around it?

Thanks in advance


Assuming this is the call that brings the price, I think Guid.NewGuid() might be the issue, send it null.


Thanks Jonathan, I’ll give that a whirl.

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