OrderRel_UD and SalesKits

Hello everyone.

Does anyone know how to resolve this one?

We have a UD Field on OrderRel_UD and it’s displayed on the Releases of Order Entry but if a kit part is added we cannot update this UD Field as it doesn’t display within the menu item? There is no UD option for SalesKits_UD I’m guessing it’s a custom view?

I want to add the same UD field to the Kits area so it can be updated.

Any ideas?

Kit details storing in the OrderDtl table only.

BPM to copy the data?

We have two UD Fields on OrderRel how would I get them to have the same data as the release just for kit parts?

Yes Data Directive you can write.

Thank you.
Using set field option?

The “Kit Details” checkbox on Order Entry governs how kit components are displayed on the UI. If you check the box you should be able to view / update UD fields on the Release of kit components.