OT: 42U Rack Cabinets

In light of the whole server and operating conversations that has been going
on lately (possibly caused by the NT 4 expiration this December), anyone out
there know of a cheap, GOOD place to purchase some rack cabinets?

I'm looking into Dell cabinets which look very nice, but from what I'm
hearing (from Dell sales people themselves) will only fit Dell equipment
(which is ridiculous). Also looking at HP, Gateway, and Black Box (all of
which look very pretty but cost $1500).

A few weeks ago, I heard that a few full 42U rack cabinets with doors and
panels were selling at an auction here in Minneapolis for 50 bucks a piece
(WOW) ... Unfortunately I missed that, also looking on eBay, but I really
don't want to spend anymore than 1000 dollars for a cabinet. I can buy a
brand new 42U Dell Cabinet on eBay right now for 700 bucks.

Anyone have any experience in this or know of any good places to shop for
something like this (looking for 4 post)?