OT: Terminal Services Printer Install, 6.1

Jason Claggett wrote:
> I agree with Butch. That's the easiest way. Also, it's been my
> experience to AVOID PCL drivers at all cost..they crash the printer
> spooler which will leave users hunting for printers and your sanity will

I think you mean "PCL 6"? ALL the LaserJets talk PCL of some level. PCL 6 was a radically different language that I believe Microsoft developed with HP. I've had nothing but trouble with it. There is good reason HP still offers PCL 5 *and* PCL 6 drivers after all these years.

I noticed HP now has a "Universal printer driver" as well. Has anyone tried these? Looks like they're designed to address some of the problems of T.S. and mobile PCs as well as just plain huge networks. From hp.com:

"The Universal Print Driver (UPD) is a single driver with a standard interface that enables a user to find and print to HP PCL5 and PostScript emulation printers. It was designed to allow corporate users and the IT department to rely on one driver rather than many. The UPD is simple to use, manage, and configure for basic corporate and mobile printing.