[OT] UPC Codes for Products

We are mostly a custom or job shop manufacturer. But a little sideline business of the owners is a retail product (electric bathroom mirror defogger - prevents mirror from fogging up). One of the distributors is asking for our UPC code...which we don't have. I've done a little research and so far it looks like this makes EDI look really easy (and cheap). Is there anyone out there dealing with UPC codes on products who would care to comment? Either on-list (for benefit of future searcher) or off-list. Our volumes (unfortunately) are still fairly low so this looks not to be worth the hassle. On the other hand with a UPC and bar code on a box perhaps it would enhance credibility with the bog box retailers and be a breakthrough for us. Any thoughts, opinions or advice would be much appreciated. How do you handle coneccting ther UPC code to the Part in Vantage?
Todd Caughey
for NewHome Bath & Mirror Inc. (make of ClearMirror)

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