Outbound Serialization

We track outbound serial numbers on a series of parts. A customer ordered the wrong drive size and returned items to us which are brand new and able to be shipped out to a new customer.

However, we track outbound serial numbers and therefore it believes that these parts were already issued. Is there a way to “erase” the issued numbers so we can reissue the number?

Hi Tracy,

How did you return the items in E10? If you used RMA, I believe the serial numbers should have been brought back in.



Just to reiterate what Jeff said.

The parts need to be disposed to stock via the RMA process and Inspection Processing

Once this is done the serial numbers become part of the inventory.

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I can use an RMA but I do not have the full quality system.

I will review this to see if this will work.

We don’t have the QA module. I can issue an RMA and get the serial numbers but then the SN part is stuck in RMA-INSP mode…can I “free it up” from here without the QA module?

A stick of dynamite oughta loosen it up

There should be a RMA disposition inside RMA processing. It is in ‘Actions’ or a button in the bottom of your screen. You may have to scroll down slightly.

Belinda Hannah, CPIM


If I can’t figure out a better operational way to do this without having to have QA module, we may look at a coding a stick of dynamite :slight_smile:

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