Outlook Contacts, Orbis Intelliware

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Importing into 97 & 98 outlook is also 'do-able!'

Michael - in Access VBA and OExpress you can access a public
folder and move the contacts around. You need to reference the OE
component in Access to do this. Since Outlook and OE use
the same libraries and controls for contacts this shouldn't be
a problem. Likewise VBA and VB reference components in the
same fashion.

We're in the same boat as you. We have all of our customer and contact
in Vantage and there is not an easy way to import it into outlook. The
appears to be true for Goldmine and Act. I spoke to my sales rep at
and he said that Clientelle will work. Epicor is in the process of
it with Vantage and will be demo'd at Perspectives 2000.
I have tried this. You can develop a Progress Program to execute and
extract all the customer data you require into a comma delimited text file.
Then using Outlook (2000 that is, don't know about 97 & 98) Import, you can
import the data into a Contacts folder. I can do this without any problems
into my personal data and everything works great. But if I then drag the
folder out of my personal to the public, I can no longer read the addresses.
Anyone know of a way to import directly into a public folder? Or how the
correct way to move a personal contacts folder over to the public folder
(drag and drop didn't work for me, it moved it but I could not access it.
And it is still showing up even after deleting the folder.).

Mike :)

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2 Questions,

We are looking for a way to keep our contact information in Vantage
synchronized with a public folder in Outlook, so we don't have to
maintain it in 2 places. Does anybody have a solution for this?

I've located a software product called Orbis Intelliware that seems
to do the trick, but it is a little pricey. Has anybody ever used
this or heard of it?

We are prepared to buy this software next week, but I wanted to get
your opinions first, if you have any on the subject.


Brian Stenglein
Clow Stamping Company