Override GL Account

Epiusersland…here’s one for you…doing a special PO for a Part that will not go to a Job nor Inventory, and we need to put the costs to a certain GL Account (which is not the default acct). How and where can we override that GL Account just for this PO/Part? Our consultant stated it can be done at time of AP Invoicing - I’ve tested and it cannot as the GL is grayed out. Is there somewhere else this can be done without having to do a Journal Entry to move it later?

Try PO Type OTHER and then on the Release Tab, set your account number there.

Unfortunately because the Part is Qty Bearing PO Entry wasn’t allowing us to select Other at PO creation. That’s what we wanted and received message about the Qty Bearing. The Release tab went to the default GL. I think the Part was setup incorrectly but they didn’t want to create a new one.

You can un-mark Qty Bearing on a part if there is no on-hand quantity. No need to create a new part.

Can you make it a Part on the Fly for that order: “Custom-MyPartNumber”, then you won’t have that lock.

This may be a silly question at this point but what exactly does “Qty Bearing” mean/do for the Part? Because un-checking it I was able to make the GL change in the PO Release. THANKS

Qty. Bearing means it’s tracked in Inventory. Parts you want to keep a count of, like raw material, WIP, finished goods are Quantity-bearing. Expense parts, like cleaner, toilet paper, maintenance supplies, anything else you might need a PO for, but wouldn’t keep track of in inventory would be non-qty bearing.

When you receive a Quantity-Bearing part, its cost goes to your Inventory GL account. So if you receive $1000 of qty-bearing parts, Inventory increases by $1000. When you receive a non-qty bearing part, its cost goes to the account specified on the PO. This is usually an expense account you use to track spending depending on purpose, dept, etc.

This is why Epicor doesn’t let you make an “Other” PO for a Qty Bearing part: Qty-Bearing means the parts and cost should go to Inventory, since receiving the part increases your on-hand qty for that part and therefore your Inventory Cost; but at the same time, you are allocating that cost to a different account than the Inventory GL account, so your Inventory GL account is no longer reconciled with your actual on-hand parts.

I misunderstood. I thought this was a normally inventory part and THIS time they were making a PO to an account. If it’s always going to go to that account, do what Tyler said. In fact, you can create a G/L control for it too.(Part Class).

If it might be inventoried one day, I would do Part on the Fly and make it an Other PO.

Thank you both Tyler and Mark!