P21 - ACH Payments to Vendors

I am looking to create ACH payments to Vendors from P21 (not ERP 10) utilizing NACHA rules/standards through our bank, that would also supply our vendors with the detailed remittance of the payment. Does Epicor have a module for doing this, or would it have to be through a 3rd Party integration?

I think P21 base product supports this now. On the Scheduled Check printing you can select output option as “ACH” and print. This should generate (and download) the NACHA file (as .txt). You may have to setup ACH parameters for that particular bank in Bank Maintenance.

Thank you for this info. I am showing the following ‘issue’ with trying to process/Print the test ACH.

“Export Directory is required when Output Option is EFT/EDI 820 or ACH” .

FYI: An additional folder was added to the Middleware server already. Not sure what else needs to be put into place.

Not sure if you have this resolved, but output locations can be finicky with P21. It may need to be a folder the user that is executing has access to. However, it sounds from this error, no output folder for the .txt file was entered.