Pack Slip can be viewed in Customer Shipment Entry

We got some pack slips that can be viewed by Customer Shipment Summary but they can not be viewed by the Customer Shipment Entry. Anyone know why please help? Thanks.

Are you saying you cannot Preview the Pack Slip? Are you getting any errors in the System Monitor?

Are you multi-site? I can’t load a Packer that was created in site A, from site B.

When I’m in site B, I can see that it exists. But using “Open With … Customer Shipment” yields that it wasn’t found. This is because the form that shows the packer number is opened for site A, and the “Open with…” launches the selected form - also for site A. Then it is told to retrieve the selected packer, which is inaccessable from site A.

I opened the pack slip via Customer Shipment Entry and Customer Shipment Summary in the same site. Customer Shipment Summary can open it but when I use the Customer Shipment Entry and the system says “Record no found, Add new?” Thanks.

I can not open the pack slip in Customer Shipment Entry. The system say “Record not found. Add new?”

Is this the same as “Customer Shipment Tracker” ?

I’d make a BAQ, to pull in the Ship Head and Detail tables for that packer. Browse for anything out of the ordinary

Thank you Calvin. Customer Shipment Summary is not the same as Customer Shipment Tracker. I can not open the pack slip either via Customer Shipment Tracker with a Business Logic Error: Unit of measure not found for Class: Time UOM:EA

I’ve seen something like this with bad UOM’s.

It happened when a On The Fly part was entered on an order. Then later, a part entry was created with the same partnum, but with different UOM class.

Make a BAQ of the ShipDtl LEFT OUTER joined to Part (matching the Partnum fields), and limited to the PackNum in question. In the displayed columns, include PartNum, ShipDtl.UOM fields and Part.UOM fields.

Thanks Calvin. I only see the fields shipdtl. InventoryShipUOM and shipdtl.JobShipUOM. There is no shipdtl.UOM. Which one should be used?

Any of the “UOM’s” (IUM, UOM, SUM, PUM, etc…)

Thank you so much for your info and help. Could you please tell how we can fix this issue (UOMs have been changed in the parts).