Pack Slip Shipped \ Closing Order

The last couple of days we have had a message pop up that we haven’t seen before (we have only been live since November). The message is popping up when we mark the Pack Slip as Shipped - it is highly likely that we have 2 part shipments from one Order Release against 2 different shipments but I am unsure what is prompting this message. I have logged all our customisations \ BPM’s as I’ve created them and it isn’t one of ours.


I also found a link with the same issue but no resolution. Am just trying to figure out the trigger for the message if anyone can help?

Have you looked at packer 20547?

My first guess is that it was created, but not marked as shipped.

Another route to investigate, is to open order 47442 with the Order Tracker, then check the Shipments tab.

Thank you for your reply. It is possible that we could have 2 open Pack Slips waiting collection for the same release and not necessarily collected at the same time,

It seems to be that the message is triggered if you try to ship the second Pack Slip (which will complete the Order Release) before the first (which does make sense!).

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