Packing Slip Number cannnot be reused after delete

We are on V10.1.500.8. We occasionally will start a Pack slip and save just the header. Then delete the Pack Slip. When we try to enter in that pack slip number Epicor asks us if we would like to create a new pack slip. We click on Yes and after saving Epicor increments to the next pack slip number.

So once we delete a packing slip - that number cannot ever be re-entered.

I have been told by our Italy people that sequential pack slip number are essential and standard GAAP for Italy.

So - Does anyone know how to deal with this issue? Is this by design? Or is it a bug?

Thanks for any insight,

We use a two step process just for this situation.

  1. Pre-processing Method Directive on CustShip.Update that does not allow for the pack to be deleted and informs the user to use Actions --> Void Pack instead.

  2. Pre-processing Method Directive on CustShip.GetNewShipHead that checks if a Voided pack exists for the current plant and displays the pack number to use if true.


That is the way it works. You could stop the deletion of the header so they can be reused or at least the sequence kept intact for an audit.

Mr. Brian: Thank you for the reply.

I wish Epicor had given us the choice to control that behavior - but I like your solution.

Thank you so much,