Paid Commissions only on Paid Invoices

We are struggling to find a way to accurately look at paying commissions on only paid invoices. Is anyone else out there paying their staff commissions on a “paid when paid” plan? How are you doing it, what reports are you running or comparing? Thanks for any feedback.


Go to

Sales Management \ Order Management \ Setup

Open Work Force

Select the Person

Set the Commission Paid at to Payment

I think the default is Invoice

From there you can use the Commission report in Accounts Receivable

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Have you gotten anywhere further on this? We went live on E10 on Jan 2nd. We pay commissions based on paid invoices as well.

Our commissions are right now slated to one salesperson per order however that could change, but I wouldn’t see it growing past two sales agencies.

As of this point, we have commissions based on product groups. Everyone get a fixed percent on one series of product groups (tools), everyone gets the same fixed percent on one other product group (bpk) and then there are variable rates set on a different series of product groups (ppe).

My commissions are actually calculating fine (OrderDtl), however, it’s only calculated at the header. In the standard commission report which doesn’t help me at all, I see that the commissions are there at the invoice level on what was invoiced. I am STRUGGLING HUGELY at pulling data in a BAQ and trying to see the rates. It’s not the values of the lines that shipped but rather the doc total commission value. It’s so frustrating.

I am think that I need to create a UD field that will calculate the commission amount and record it per line and somehow see if that’s connectable (is that a word? :slight_smile: ) when the invoice is paid.

I just figured since it’s been months since you wrote that you now have an elegant solution that you are willing to share :wink: