Paid Production Hours


How would I go about creating a calculated field for Clock In Time - Clock Out Time? I’m creating a productivity dashboard and so far this in the one thing holding me up. I just need hours.


LaborHrs has that data. if you want to cross check it you can use the clockoutminutes minus clockinminutes

I did the calculation in excel and labor hours does not match the ClockOut-ClockIn total for all warehouse employees.

Did you see if those records were modified? You can adjust the labor hours after the fact without changing the clock-in clock-out times.

LaborDtl.ClockOutMinute - LaborDtl.ClockInMInute
You can aggregate the Max ClockOutMinute / Min ClockOutMinute against LaborHedSequence if multiple LaborDtl records are involved each day.

This worked! I hadn’t noticed the Minute option.

Thank you!