Panic: BAQ corrupt?

I started editing a BAQ this morning, saved, went back in, and now it has nothing showing in the phrase build screen. However, the General tab still shows the query phrase and the Display Fields still shows selected columns.

Has anyone seen this before? Any clues how to fix?

Closing BAQ and going back in didn’t work.
Exporting the BAQ did not work.
Shutting Epicor down and logging back in did work.

Panic and crisis averted…

This continues to break after running the BAQ report. Perhaps there is a bug where after Epicor uses the BAQ to run the BAQ Report, it creates this problem.

Has anyone else seen this?

Is the report failing?

I have seen it some times, but I just pressed the sort alphabetically button and they magically appear haha

Report operates as expected. Just not the BAQ designer.

The alphabetical sort button/magic trick does not work for me unfortunately :slight_smile:

can you share a screen capture of the phrase builder?

Are the boxes there?

It was completely empty.

I appear to have been able to solve this by stopping the Memory Cache of the Business Activity Query Designer.

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