Paperless Office

I am sure this has been discussed in the past, but I can't seem to find
anything in the Yahoo posts when I browse through it. I am sure every
one of you has to deal with mounds of paper, signed c of c's, signed
travellers etc etc. My question to the group is

1) What are you using to manage your documents? Are you scanning
them and just simply storing them on the network OR
2) Are you utilizing Vantage in any way to manage the documents?
(I am not really interested in the Document viewing). Is ANYONE using
the Product Lifecycle application to manage CNC Programs, set up notes,
e-mails, scanned documents etc etc etc???

ANY Feedback would be appreciated as I already have 2 CPAR's raised by
QA for stacks of job files that need a home but no room left at the INN

Bob Goss
BC Instruments

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