Parameter Name Key Not Found(Remote APP)

MES Users are getting an error “Parameter Name Key Not Found” on our new terminal server. It does not matter if it is remote app or standard RDP all users are getting this. I made sure that the text was set to 100% so not certain what else the issue could be. Anybody else have and fix this with windows 10 or server 2016 remote app.

Just spit balling… But do you have more than one MES system, and do they each use the same logon credentials? Could be the “users” temp directory on the RD server is being used by multiple RD sessions.

They are all separate logins, but I do notice it is allowing then to logon to a second session from the same PC leaving an old session in disconnect state. Will change that and see if it helps.

Interesting. We’ve had this issue and we have multiple MES users using the same base Epicor account.

Is this bad? Are there workarounds besides having to give everyone an Epicor account instead of just an EMP?

If the client program is running locally (on the shop floor PC), then it’s not an issue, as the temp files for that session are only on that PC.

Remote Desktop served clients running on the RD server have the temp files on that server. But the RD should be setup so that each user has their own. If multiple session use the same domain credentials to connect to the RD server, they might cause issues.

Oh I see, so it’s just a matter of individual domain accounts. We’ve recently fixed that portion of our issue. Thanks for the insight.