Pardon my cursing but this kind of blew my mind (CoPilot)

I had seen the demos of this before but having my hands on it, and how quickly it worked kinda broke my brain for about 10 seconds.

Again… there’s mild cursing at the end of this #Sorry I was expecting a lot less. The technology behind it is well know and it isn’t magic… but damn it if it doesn’t feel like it


Oh my gosh, my jaw was on the floor for the whole demo! GPT-3 For the win!


lol yeah it got me by surprise at the end there I thought it would do “something” but didn’t expect it to just do everything I said flawlessly

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I for one, welcome our new robot overlords!


Someday soon, “Hey Eva, create a dashboard showing x, y z. give me a pie chart, bar chart and schedule it send a report daily to mr. executive.”

Eva: “done”.


It’s already in Power Apps

Build and customize model-driven apps | Power Apps Studio Updates - YouTube


@Mark_Wonsil how much ad rev do you generate from M$ and Azure?


Not nearly enough for the abuse I take from from Active Directory Admins…

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Works well with C# too I just did this

// Create function to read csv file
        // take file path as input as well as an output array of BstnCSVDataRecord class
        // read the file using the FileHelperEngine class
        // return the array of BstnCSVDataRecord class
        private static void ReadCsvFile(string file, out List<BstnCSVDataRecord> bdAry)
            bdAry = new List<BstnCSVDataRecord>();
            var engine = new FileHelperEngine<BstnCSVDataRecord>();
            bdAry = engine.Data;            

Wrote the comments, robot did the function for me


Wait until the day comes when Eva replies with, “I already did that when Mr Exec asked.”

Great GIF

Mark, would love to ask you some questions here in the coming month after I do some preliminary education.

Jose, this is wild.

WOW! Thanks for the tip Jose! Wish they had a version to work for Visual Studio, or could you install and use it with VS Community?

It works only with VS Code but you can do C# Projects in VS Code :slight_smile:

True, haven’t worked with it yet. Practically all of our code outside of Epicor has been done in VS Community, bunch of relative newbies here with C#. I keep forgetting about the addon you created for VS to code in Epicor customizations as well, have to get back to working with it

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@josecgomez Slightly better than their Windows Vista days… :joy:


i’m legit crying right now

Me too!!! My god, this happens in my house at least once a week where I am giving Alexa/Google some backtalk because they didn’t do what I asked… and it goes downhill very quickly…

Linking for anyone who has just learned of CoPilot

There is no definitive proof of this being a problem, but sounds possible and concerning.