Part Attachment RunTime View Button


In Part Entry Screen, when attachment icon is click. RunTime form of this gets open. In that i need to handle event on button like View. How to write this in Customization. Thanks.


Actually , I already had 1 ticket with this same issue where in I had expain the issue. But as I didnt got any reply that’s why had put new Topic. Below is the link

My concern is that when user click on Attachment icon from menu in Part Entry, attachment screen is coming runtime…In that, i want to write coding on View Button but unable to write it…I tried using GUID but its giving error as its runtime … How I can manage coding on this attachment screen.

Thank you in advance.

Modifying the functionality of an existing button is difficult, if not impossible.
I usually create a custom button and add my custom code to its click event. Then add OriginalButton.PerformClick(); as the last line. This lets you perform whatever custom actions you need to do before the original button actions.

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This can be done to existing button on form. But this attachment window’s button is runtime. I mean when we click on attachment icon, then only it appearing…so this I can’t write in Part Entry.