Part Classes

Time Phased only selects Parts by Part Class.
So as long as the Part is allocated to the correct Class typing errors
in Part Description or Search Word should not cause a problem.

Our classes are split according to Material Type and then Colour
E.g. PVC - Clear
PVC - Coloured
PVC - Metalised
We do not further split the coloured category as the colours are a
minority requirement for us and also limitless in varieties. Likewise
the Metalised is not Colour Specific because it is the Metalised
property which dictates the Supplier and Usage.

Hope this helps.

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What is the general rule of thumb when determining if a part
class is
necessary or not?

We are in the prototyping stage of our vantage start-up and when
described how a part class is determined we generated roughly 85
part classes. After attending the material management class we
agreed to
shorten the amount of part classes down to roughly 30. I am
scared that
there are not enough to adequately use the power of the
software. The way
this was explained to me was the time phase report can be sorted
by part
classes and/or search words. We are putting the emphasis on
setting up search words in the part master file for a number of
people over
a long period of time. There are key parts on our machines that
we would
like to run reports on, which really are not made in high
volume, so some
part classes would only be made up of say 20-30 different parts,
1-5% of the total parts used.

Example:Â On our glass tempering ovens there are bearing plates
mounting are rolls that drive the glass through the oven and
conveyors. In
most casese, there are 6 different types of bearing plates used
throughout a
certain glass tempering oven.

Part Classes:

Load Conveyor Roll Bearing Plates
Oven Roll Bearing Plates
Bending Roll Bearing Plates
Quench Roll Bearing Plates
Cooling Roll Bearing Plates
Unload Conveyor Roll Bearing Plates

The material management instructor guided us into forming one
part class for
this particular situation. Obviously, this part class was
called Roll
Bearing Plates.

                 Part Class                           Part
Search Word              Part Number

1.)     Roll Bearing Plate        Plate, Roll Bearing - Load
Rollbear                    13293-001
2.)     Roll Bearing Plate        Plate, Roll Bearing -
Cooling Bearing
Plates           Rollbear                    8343-005

                 Part Class
Part Description                                   Search Word
Part Number

3.) Load Conveyor Roll Bearing Plate        Plate, Roll
Bearing - Load
Conveyor                       Rollbear                   Â
4.)  Cooling Roll Bearing Plate                   Plate, Roll
Bearing -
Cooling Bearing Plates           Rollbear                   Â


Figuring in human error for naming parts and/or search words
which of the following areas listed below would inhibit running
a proper
time phase report (or other report used to generate material
costs of a
specific part on one job or multiple jobs):

Inconsistent Search Word Labels
Inconsistent Part Descriptions

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