Part Costs Details

Hello Epiusers,

I’m trying to lookup costings for a part and I stumbled across Part Costs Details in Part Tracker. We only have one plant so Costing ID = 1. Please take a look at this part, we ran 3 jobs on this particular part already but somehow all the values are showing the same (std labor = avg labor = last labor).

But then when I try to lookup the same part in Part Advisor, I can see all the differences in costs for each job.

Just trying to understand the logic behind Part Costs Details and how to use them in the future.

Thanks for reading.

I am guessing you are standard cost? If you are standard, this is normal.

I will say that it is odd that the Costing Method field is blank.

I scrolled through some of my parts, and the ones with a blank Cost Method, had no part trans that would set the cost, such as MFG-STK, MFG-CUS, etc…

What does the MtlUnitCost column in the Part Tran History tracker show for that part?

Epicor is going to track the average and last costs regardless of costing method. It’s nice to be able to compare you current costing against the other methods.

Let me add to what Bryan said: the PartCost records only receipts to stock. If you have an order that is Make Direct or a Drop shipment, it will not update this table.

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So the Cost Method field in the Part Costs Detail shows the cost method used when it was last updated? And might not show the cost method currently in use?

Not sure what you’re asking Calvin. The thing I would recommend is that the PartCost table should be called the PartInventoryCost table. If parts don’t go into inventory then their costs are not used for any inventory evaluation.

I was asking what drives this box:


And while an inventory cost doesn’t mean anything when there is no inventory, the cost is used in calculating the costs of other parts. Like doing a cost rollup for standard costing.

Costing method that “matters” is the one associated to the Site. The one on Part is the default when adding a new site if I recall correctly. A site can share a cost ID or have it’s own too if I haven’t lost my marbles yet…

Cost rollups only use inventory costs. If one uses average cost and always drop ships, the average cost will be zero and that’s what will get used in a rollup, or a cycle adjustment, etc.

@ckrusen That is the cost method for the site.PartPlant.CostMethod Standard, FIFO, Lot FIFO, Avg. Odd that it is blank, but I am assuming if blank is uses the part master. In my data I don’t have any blank.

I can see a blank cost method on the Cost Details sheet, for a part that has the Site Cost defined

And here’s the Part Costs Details sheet:


And now it gets super weird …

If I launch Cost Adjustment, the cost details match, and the method shows the Plant.CostMethod value. Even though the Cost Detail tab on Part Tracker has it blank


I can change the costs (via Cost Adjustment), and they are reflected in the Trackers Cost Details, but the Method remains blank.

@ckrusen That is very odd. My version always shows it and won’t allow it to be blank. Maybe the binding on the part tracker form is missing.

It’s only select parts. Ones that don’t have a system calculated cost (like from a receipt to stock).