Part Exist BPM Issue


Any one able to help me with this BPM?

It’s enabled but when a sales order is updated with a invalid part, it’s saved without any problems… :confused:

Try grouping the last two conditions.
With open and closed brackets. I have added in the below screen shot.

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Change your condition, there should be one that says “there is atleast 1 changed row” it’ll handle both add/update for you.

Or add parenthesis to your current one.

Hi Hasokeric,

The solution above is working perfectly fine but we have the lines come in from the API; if a unknown part is found it’s highlighted but you can still save the order but if you add a new line where the part isn’t found it wont let you save it?

Is the anyway to allow the lines to come in from the API but they can’t be saved until added to the Part Table?

There’s a pattern that several people on the list endorse. For integrations, use the API to load your data into a UD Table. After that, use BPMs to process the new records and mark a status field for those with issues and have users work through the issues (e.g. add the part number) and then run the table processing again until the data is complete.

It keeps your business logic out of the interface which makes your upgrades easier and it also makes tracking data issues easier.

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With Hyland OnBase we have a Exceptions Queue, which has to be reviewed, manually updated with missing data and re-processed. Perhaps you create some kind of API Exception Queue or like Wonsil said write to a UD Table and then in Epicor you can have a Updatable Dashboard and they can fix and perhaps Re-Process from UBAQ.

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I didn’t want you to continue that trend of adding an expression where you didn’t need one, so the next 20 BPMs can benefit :smiley: hehe #JustABestPracticeSuggestion