Part GL account change after AP Invoice Pmt?

Starting to track something odd here, that I can’t explain or reproduce:
We often place a PO for a bunch of random parts. All of them are parts on the fly, and set to the same Part Class.

The order gets received, and the AP Invoice gets paid. Group edit AP Invoice list shows only the correct GL accounts. So far so good.

This is where it gets weird: Inventory WIP Recon reveals that the occasional part (like 1 out of 100), did not end up in the intended account, but went to a Suspense account instead. When we look at the PO, Receiver, Invoice Tracker, Journal Detail tracker for the purchase there is no sign of changing the GL account anywhere, nor are they showing a Suspense account being used.

I am a bit at a loss; is there a process between Invoice Posting and Inventory WIP recon that can change the GL account assignment? We do have a minor customization that comma separates the various fields making up the description line of Inv WIP Recon. I have turned this off, but it doesn’t change the outcome. I have turned the PE Logging on, but I am afraid that this issue is created after posting.


Make a BAQ on the TranGLC table. It’ll take a bit of experimenting with the table criteria, but you should see the Acct Specified for each transaction (the receipt, and the invoice). You’ll definitely want to make the RelatedFile field a table criteria.

And one thing I recall seeing recently… If the GL Acct on a PO Release is changed from whatever the default is (or the default for the Part Class GLC), and then deleted (meaning the field is blank), it doesn’t end up where you’d want it. You have to hit the button to “reload” the default.

I recall (maybe incorrectly) that prior to 10.2.300, it worked different. A blank in that field would use the default.


With the Acct on the PORel set to 6130-00-01 (SMALL TOOLS), the TranGLC (for PO 48924) shows:


Clearing that acct# on the PO entry (and saving), sets the description of the GL Acct (which is blank) to “Sales Expense”:


The BAQ shows:


Pressing the “Get Default” button on the PO Rel, populates it with the expense acct defined in the Company GLC.


And now the TranGLC show:


I am on 10.1.500. One of my points of contention is that when we buy a part on the fly, and assign the appropriate Part Class to it, the Default GL will revert back to our company AP default GL, and not use the Part Class GL. I can delete it, and when I click the Default GL button, Epicor puts the incorrect default AP company GL back. In order to get the right GL account to stick, I have to manually enter it.
For the mystery transaction, I can see from PO Tracker that the right account was selected.

So looking at it with reporting tools I see the receipt and the invoice having the same “good” GL account. Group Edit List shows it too. Even AP Invoice Tracker and Journal Detail show good.

Hmmm …

We found that if the Part Class is set on the Line BEFORE the line is saved, the GL Acct on the PORel is properly populated.

If the Part Class is blank (or have no GLC) when the PO line is saved, the GL acct defaults to our company setting. If I change it to a Class with GLC, the acct updates upon saving the line.

If the account is populated and I change the PartClass to another the acct on the release is not updated. To get it to use the acct from the part class, I have to hit the button.

It might be the difference in releases between the way our systems differ. We are quite a bit behind…

When looking at the inventory Journal, I did notice that the PUR-UKN transaction takes it to Suspense. How can someone change the GL selection on the PO Line Rel during the Receiving, or what could cause that?

-There is no GL set for the vendor (most other receipts go fine), nothing on Warehouse either (all receipts wen to the same warehouse and bin). We don’t have a customization here either. I went back to the transaction type mtc and see this rule applying: Expense Account= Get Account From COSAndWIP–PartTran–Purchase Order Release–GL Control For Current Book AND Expense Context. That should have brought in only the Account set on the PO Line Rel…


I’m pretty sure that the receiving process reads the GL to use from the TranGLC record created by the PO Release.

If you use GLC’s with auto substitution (like in Multi-Site, where the DIv segment is automatically set based on the site), and the GL Account doesn’t it exist, it may default to an unexpected acct.

For example.

  1. We have 2 sites(A and B) , with Div values 00 for A and 11 for B).
  2. An expense acct for SHOP SUPPLIES is 6051-xx-01 (the xx is replaced with the site specific value). GL accts 6051-00-01 and 6051-11-01 exist
  3. Now we add a site C (with Div 15), setting up the new Div segment value of 15 and set up the GLC that does the substitution (Div or Site- I forget which one).
  4. If we forget to create GL acct 6051-15-01, any inventory trans in that site would not go to whatever the Expense account is set in the Company GLC.

Ah! I have found part of the issue! I am so thankful to myself that I turned on logging on PO’s… :wink:
From the PO changelogs I can see that someone acting as a receiving clerk corrected the GL selection when receiving to what it is now. So looking at the PO Line Rel Part Class it looks like it was created right, but it was changed by changing the Part Class and that resulted in Suspense being used. But why Suspense, and not the default GL from the new Part Class???

So this might bring it back to behavior you described earlier; you change a part class on the PO Rel, it doesn’t refresh the GL account. When you click on the default button, in our system you just get a big fat “Suspense”.

Time to do some testing with making Part Class Changes on PO’s and the exact effect they have.