Part Method Security

Hi guys,
Is there a straight forward way for restricting access to view certain part methods and BOMs?
At the moment, if a user has method tracker they can see all methods. We want some methods (not all) to only be veiwed or edited by a select few. Do we need to create a BPM and link it to part class?
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We are just doing something similar to stop non electronics people editing part details on electronics parts. I used a BPM linked to the update method (you would want a different method to prevent read access) and added a condition to test for the calling users security group (this is one of the available conditions).

If the group of parts you need to control can’t be identified by part class you could also add a UD field to select which parts are controlled on a part by part basis.

hope that helps.

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Thanks Brett, appreciate your information. I’l let you know how we go.