Part Number behavior in Part Entry Not Finding full Customer Part xRef

We have a customer that has part #s with a format of “AAA/” and then between 1 and 8 numbers.
(i.e. “AAA/1” through “AAA/99999999”).

We have set their numbers up as customer part xRef if we know the part as something else.
If we don’t know the part then we are creating a part master part in Epicor as their part “AAA/(123456)”

The strange behavior happens in Part Entry. If I type in “AAA/55555” and it is a valid record in customer pat xRef then nothing is found and Epicor asks if I want to create it. But if I enter in only “55555” it finds it and returns the part master part number the customer part xRef lives in.

Any idea why it is working this way?

Can you send a screenshot? I ask because it may be a BAQ Zone.

Enter full part number in Part Entry I get an error.

But if I enter just 10356498 in the same partnum field epicor “finds” it and will display the part where I have a customer xref.
If I go to Internal Part Cross Reference under Material Management, Inventory Management, Setup then if I enter in both the TVH/10356498 and just 10356498 it pulls up the correct part master part.

I noticed the issue…opened up a ticket with Epicor.
This used to work under our old version. (10.0.700) Now under 10.2.300 it does not.


do you happen to have a case #? I created a ticket and have a webex this afternoon.
Was there a fix?

Sure, CS0001552718 - Search of part using Xref instead of partID gets error : Selected part does not exist. But for us, it happens only for a specific part. It works as expected for the others.

Your issue seemed to happen for all cross ref parts…