Part number

I’m just checking to see if any one see the scenario below, if so , how do you handle it?

We have a purchased part number TE-129 which is a U-Bolt with (2) nuts on it. Now the supplier has changed the way how they assemble it. They sent the U-bolts and the nuts to us separately. If at all possible, I would like Epicor to be able to allow the combination of [(1) NewUBoltOnlyPartNumber + (2)Nuts to be used as TE-129 part number.

Probably the quickest way out-of-the-box is with the Kanban Receipts program (in Job Management > General Operations). You’d create a MOM for the TE-129 part number that includes the two materials (U-bolt and nuts), then use Kanban Receipts to create the job that puts them together, backflushes the material part numbers, and receives the finished TE-129 to inventory. You can also add labor and burden values to the finished good if you like.

Do you have to purchase them separately? (I.E. are two PO lines now required)

Or do they just ship them “unassembled” (like the U-bolt in one bag and two nuts in another).

If they do need to be two separate Parts, you could do the following:

  • Make 3 new parts
    • TE-500 - the U-bolt
    • TE-501 - the nut
    • TE-502 - An assembly consisting of (1) TE-500 + (2) TE-501. Setup as a phantom Assy. Might even be able to make it a Sales Kit.
  • Add TE-502 as an alternate for TE-129

You could also not make a TE-503, but instead change TE-129 from Purch to Mfg (or Kit?)

Do YOU sell this, or just issue it to a job? The others have discussed selling it.

If you issue it to a job, just make the TE-129 as (1) non-stock at the site level, and (2) pull-as-assembly in all BOMs where it is used.

And then make a rev/method for TE-129 containing the parts.

If you need to change existing jobs, the part needs to become an assembly… (It will in the future.)