Part On Hand Status - QTY info not showing for some staff

Works for me. I type the part in #1, tab and refresh and I get data in #2 & #3. two staff so far follow the same process but nothing appears in #3 (#2 populates). This is out of the box Epicor right?

I see your #3 has grouping and column totaling enabled. Do the others have that as well?

And what form is this? Does it use functionality that might be limited by user and/or security groups?

Thanks Calvin. I think you’ve just answered my question. This is not an out of the box Epicor menu. Now I can not feel guilty pulling this apart.



To be clear ‘Part On Hand Status’ IS an Epicor provided Dashboard, but it should be flagged as ‘System’ and it will require you to copy it to work with it.

But like @ckrusen said, there can be security setup that would prevent some users from accessing data that this dashboard would try to present.
It looks like your users might be restricted on accessing the PartBin table.

Thanks Rick. It works for me but I am a security user and have access to both sites. The two staff where I have seen the issue do have only access to one site but my test part does have QTY in both.

This tripped me up so often that I finally broke down and made separate Epicor user accounts. One with Sec Manager for maintenance and development, and another for typical use.

Too many times did I deploy something and test it out, only to find that it worked for me because I had Sec Manager privileges. Testing it with my typical user account would reveal the same problems my users were complaining about.

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I forget this screen exists. It’s redundant to six other screens, but it is pretty useful.

Anyway, I agree this seems odd that they don’t at least get something in #2 as that seems to be related to the Part table.

One go-to is if they have a bad personalization on it that could be corrupting it. You could find and delete it here:

One area that had me scratching my head ended up being the security on the BAQ itself. Users had assess to one BAQ but not the other.

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Thanks Ron. I think that will be it